Depending on the type of person you are (and the type of work you do), tax time is either the most dreaded time of the year, or this most exciting time considering the fact that you could “win” big! Some people will use their tax return money to pay back debt (whether that be credit card debt or student loans, etc), or to invest in them self (taking courses, etc), while others simply use the money to fund their ‘temporary wants’ – you know, the shopping sprees to keep up with the Kardashians. Now, don’t get me wrong – there’s no shame in buying things you want; and when you work hard for them, you deserve them! However, what you need to do is understand is that you are your BIGGEST investment, so to maximize your return on your life you must do the following:

1. Treat your life as if it truly was an investment – On a basic level, investments are money that you put aside to generate more profit (because that’s the whole point of investments). However, some investments (if not, all) give you as the investor the option to choose the risk level – low, medium, or high risk.

2. When you treat your life as an investment, always take HIGH risks – You see, in order to win big with investments (and with your life), you need to take HIGH risks!

For instance, if you’re thinking about changing your career, a HIGH risk person would strategize solutions to change their career by taking extra courses, reading more books/watching videos, and networking with others in the career field they would want. A MEDIUM risk person would make some moves towards learning about their career change, but may be too scared to proceed, and a LOW risk person would just continue to complain about their current situation without making any change at all.

3. With HIGH risks, there is the HIGH chance of failure, making mistakes and messing up –  But this is a part of life! You see, if we don’t take HIGH risks, we will never become all that we can be, and we’ll never be able to move towards the calling God has on our life. So what if you make a mistake? Your idea doesn’t work out? Or you feel like you’ve messed up?  That means your going the right way in the long run, and that doesn’t define you as a person! You’re not a failure, mistake or a mess up! 

So, let’s chat! What type of risk taker are you in life? And what are you doing to become a HIGH risk taker with your life if you aren’t one yet?