Time and time again I’ve heard it and I’ve seen it. Millennials making safe decisions in life about their careers, friendships, relationships based on what they are told from the world, rather than what they really want to do (and where God is leading them). I can’t fault people for falling into this because a few years ago that was me. After graduating with Honours in college, I thought I wanted to go to law school because I had people telling me that I would be good at it and that was the only thing I could do with my Criminal Justice degree).

After pulling myself out of doing the LSATs right before the test date, and rejecting going back to school (even though I really loved it), I got a 9-5 that gave me the flexibility to use gifts the Lord has given me to pursue coaching. But this realization didn’t come easily when I often focused on my past and present me, rather than my future me.

I was living for my parents because they expected me to get a good job, get married.

I was living for my the approval of others because people pleasing can be a form of drug that hits just right.

And I was living for my “diluted expectations” – which really weren’t me because at one point I had no dream.
No passion.

No “light at the end of the tunnel.
Nadda. Zippo. Zeeeeeeerrrrrrrrroooooo.

But in the midst of me trying to understand what I thought I wanted, I realized that I wasn’t creating a life that addressed who I wanted the Lord to shape me to be, not the current version of my life and Scary right?

It was the brink of depression for me when I started to really understand that I couldn’t live my life for others, especially when I felt the Lord drawing me more to Him.

I was young, cute, ambitious (I can go on and on if you want me too…) and I knew I was destined for something greater.

So I started to read more. Focus on my personal development by investing in myself by taking different courses. And found God (technically, He found me!) 

The whole nine yards.

And that’s when I was able to figure out that the one thing I loved about school was writing, mentoring and coaching.

*cues the light bulb turning on* I finally found my ‘it‘. 

What makes me happy. What challenges me but keeps me centred and what I was born to do. Creating a coaching business to help young and ambitious people like you become empowered to figure out life, while making impactful changes day by day,

So my advice is to you is do what it takes to get to a better space to understand that you must live for you and only you.
Not man’s anpproval, but God’s.

Not man’s acceptable, but God’s. If you’re in Christ, God’s has already accepted You as His daughter, adopted by the blood of Jesus. There’s nothing better than that acceptance!