Truth hurts.

#itreallydoes! .

And perhaps that’s why you simply aren’t as successful as you want to be because you probably have written long winded lists of who you want to be, created vision boards of where you want to be in the next few months or years, but you still aren’t there.

And there’s three common reasons why you just aren’t there….and trust and believe, there are solutions:

1. You chose to stop learning.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that education begins and ends in the “traditional” classroom where we regurgitate information through tests, essays, and finals. Now, I actually love school, but I’ve grown to understand that I’ve learned so much more outside the classroom than inside of one, yet some people don’t believe that. Some think after they take off their caps and gowns that learning for their own development stops there, and cling onto the perception that they will be successful by trying to build partial connections with people.

2.  You’re WAY too focused on your competition. 

Competition is a golden part of life. As much as we try and avoid it, it creeps up in our everyday life. Perhaps it’s sibling rivalry, competing against a colleague for a promotion, or trying to win the love of the guy you’ve been creeping on Insta who you know is single but you seen him leaving heart eyes under other girls pictures.  Regardless, some of us are so fixated on our competition, rather than ourselves, because we’re nervous that OUR opportunity may be taken away because of them. But if you were playing a sport, like basketball or soccer, you know the golden rule is getting YOUR head in the game. Why are you focused on what level your competition is at, when you need to be focused on what YOU need to do to showcase what makes you unique and different?

3. You haven’t made sacrifices. 

Let’s face it. MOST (if not ALL) people want to be successful, but not everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to get there. They aren’t willing to get messy, pray and ask God for direction, or spend money on training because they’re too focused on their immediate wants, like partying every weekend, and spending endless amounts of hours on Netflix looking for the next series to watch. If you aren’t willing to make sacrifices to help yourself and your development, you won’t be successful.

So the solutions from these common reasons are as easy as you make them!

Don’t be consumed to think that learning is only something you can get from a classroom in college or university. There’s tons of free online schools, bloggers that provide free valuable content (like myself) and courses that will help you with your various needs.

Get over the whole “I need to think about my competition because they’re going to swoop the opportunity under my feet” mindset. That will steer you away from what you want to accomplish.

Understand that along with God’s strength and direction, you play a big role in your own success. There will be roadblocks, obstacles, challenges, tears and sweat, but you need to see the bigger picture. What would you life LOOK and FEEL like when you achieve the successful life you want and deserve?

Let me know in the comment box what you feel like is blocking you from success, or perhaps, what was blocking you from success if you were able to overcome it.