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Frequently Asked Questions

What is life coaching and is it worth it?

A life coach is a person who counsels and encourages clients to reach their personal goals.  Many people have goals, aspirations and desires they have yet to fufill and the role of a life coach is to assist with mindset work, guidance and accountablity to accomplish those goals.

How do I know this is the right time to consider investing in a life coach?

Continuing to wait for the ‘right’ time is one of the many reasons we give ourselves as to why we can’t seek help, yet year after year we’re stuck in the same place. Now is the right time to start working towards bettering yourself and you are your best investment!

How do I reach out to you for a speaking engagement or to collaborate?

Please visit this link or email me at laura at

Where can I find your blog and other free resources?

Free resources and my blog can be found here.

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