About Me

Hey friend, I’m Laura! I’m passionate about helping high-achieving Christian women finally reach their goals by taking action with ease with God.

My Story

I swore I did everything right in life. I listened to my parents, worked hard to get amazing grades, and even made a plan to go to law school in Toronto to save the world. However, after graduating university I had a last minute change of heart where instead of writing the LSAT I ended up working a 9-5 job because what I thought were my aspirations just wasn’t something I was passionate about.

It wasn’t until I hit my quarter life crisis (the ‘what-am-I-doing-with-my-life!?’) that I ended up realizing my life is more than just the work I did. In fact, after the Lord saved me I began to realize the talent He gave me existed without me thinking anything of it. I was able to identify how to encourage others to reach their goals so they can become better than they were yesterday, and my mission to do that for other women who are ready to pursue more in their lives.

My Values & Beliefs

A warm, welcoming space

Life’s hard and people just need a safe, welcoming space to be their authentic selves so they can finally accomplish their goals. My goal is to be ‘quick to listen and slow to speak’ (James 1:19), empathetic and understanding.

A Christ-centred approach

As a believer and disciple of Christ, my faith is cornerstone to my success and growth in all areas of life. In business, my aim is to glorify Christ in all I do and encourage my clients to do the same.

Being led by the Holy Spirit

God is involved in everything I do, and the role of being led by the Holy Spirit is something important to me to incorporate in the work I do with my clients. He leads us to all truths and the goal is to trust and obey the steps ordered by the Lord.

My Approach

As a Certified Life Coach, my approach is to be empathetic and understanding while getting through the root of the challenges you may face. While working together, we dive deep to understand the individual goals you have, the past and current problems you’ve faced with reaching your goal(s), and future planning towards reaching that goal.

With prayer and devotionals, mindset work, actionable steps and accountability we work towards getting from point A to point B with ease, confidence and assurance that God is involved in each step of the way. 

How To Find Your Purpose (Without Going Back To School!)