My name is Laura Opoku,
and I'm a Millennial Empowerment Coach
who teaches millennial women
how to conquer their goals
so they activate their faith
to live the dreams they deserve to have.

laura opoku

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Motivation to move

When I graduated school I felt lost, confused and hopeless - no job, no dreams, and no aspirations to find out what I was passionate about. It was only until I reached my quarter life crisis where I began to explore who I really was that I started to uncover some of the things that I was gifted at.

But many people won't reach that point because they find themselves choosing to move in the same direction that they've been moving for years.

Motivation To Move is meant to inspire you to learn the top ten key principles to finally drive yourself to the life you deserve to have!

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Courses are best for the self-starters, move makers and trendsetters that work best either with themselves or in groups to get encouraged and moving.

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Consultations are private calls where we discuss areas in your life where you can start to apply faith and wisdom to bridge through the challenges you face.

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my book

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"Motivation to move" is a personal development book aimed to help young people drive towards the successful lives they want and desire to have.

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With experience speaking to private groups, non-profit organizations, and colleges, I'm available as a keynote, expert panelist or workshop host

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Testimonial 1
Shauna M, Plant-Based Food & Lifestyle Coach and Body Positivity Enthusiast

"Laura's positive attitude on life and business never fails to get anyone's gears turning in the right direction. Every conversation with her leaves me feeling so inspired and ready to MOVE. Laura is super relatable and really knows how to use her own experiences to help others. She is truly the real deal!"

Testimonial 2
Shakira R, Creator and Founder of Special Compass

"From the moment I heard about Laura's book I knew she had a inspiring story to tell and share with the world. Her story is not only an inspiration to others but her words and knowledge brings me joy and motivation as a millennial hustling to find their place in the world. She brings value and great insight to a lot of the issues many face after graduation. There is more to life than paying bills and surviving. Laura had the wisdom and knowledge to help you break free from society's expectations and help you to live and thrive a successful life according to your terms and your way. This book is a must read for all millennials."

Testimonial 2
Testimonial 3
Shane P, Creative Mindset Entrepreneur and Musician

"I am extremely happy to recommend Laura Opoku as an Empowerment Coach because she came into my life at a time where I felt lost, confused and stuck. Before I met her I dropped out of college, worked at a dead end job, and felt like I had no direction in my life. Through her selfless acts and determination she helped me rejuvenate my life by helping me pursue my life and career goals, encouraged me to not be afraid to fail and helped to set an easy action plan to set my goals. She's helped me understand we have the power to change our situations, and I believe she's truly an inspiration for our generation!"